My Wild Things: The Girl Outdoors


Sian Anna Lewis is a journalist obsessed with adventure. She runs the blog The Girl Outdoors, featuring travel, sport, photography, outdoor style and gear reviews. Here, she reveals her favourite Wild Things:

What made you set up The Girl Outdoors?

Getting out into the open has always been my passion, so when I started working as a writer it made sense to blog about the stuff I loved to do. I was also keen to show that you don’t need to be an expert (or any good at sports) to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy camping, cycling and other active things. It’s all out there for you and there’s no need to travel to far-flung places to have a proper adventure. It’s been great fun, too – the blog has grown a bit in the last four years and led to my meeting some amazing people and getting to travel about having adventures.

Why do you think there is a growing interest in all things ‘wild’?

As more of us lead busy lives in built-up areas there’s definitely more of an appreciation for switching off and escaping to beautiful places, especially considering how accessible and well looked-after they are in Britain. I think a lot of city dwellers don’t realise how easy it is to explore the wilder parts of our island – you can hop on a train and be in the glorious Lake District really easily, or just head to your nearest woodland and clear your head.

What more (if anything) do you think we should we be doing to protect and promote ‘wild’ places and activities in the UK?

The national parks do a fantastic job of caring for the most beautiful and remote places on our island. I’m a big believer in opting for eco-friendly accommodation where you can and buying local produce from wherever you’re staying. I do think more education on how easy and accessible our wild places are for everyone is important – Britain’s landscapes are waiting to be explored and enjoyed (responsibly!).

Where is your all time favourite wild place in Britain and why?

That is really tough! One is definitely the Isle of Skye – it’s a magical place. I loved walking the epic Trotternish ridge and swimming in the crystal-clear Fairy Pools. I’m also a big fan of Cornwall, especially in spring when it’s still quiet. There are secret coves, miles of wonderful beaches to surf at and seals to spot. Life is very laid-back there.

What is your top tip, suggestion or piece of advice for anyone wanting to get ‘wild’?

Buy yourself a cheap and cheerful tent. When you’re starting out there’s no need to spend lots of money on gear – buy a pop-up festival one for £20 and you can head to Dartmoor for the weekend and wild camp. A bike is also a great investment and a fun way to explore Britain’s beautiful lost lanes and see more than you would on foot.


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