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We launched the first Wild Swimming app in 2012 and it quickly won Sunday Times Travel App of the week. In 2015 we launched new apps for six of our titles for Android and iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad, IOS 8+) . Each contains all the text and imagery from the original books but includes:

  • map search including place, postcode and’near me’ search
  • gallery and slideshow views, to enjoy the photos in high resolution
  • filters to select by keyword, features, chapter or walk in times
  • list views to quickly scroll through results and entries

In April 2023 we launched further new apps and are beginning to update the existing older apps too.

Updating from the old version? If you have the original iOS Apple Wild Swimming app, you will automatically receive the new much larger app (400 places, based on the new 2013 book) for free. However you will need to uninstall the old app first, reboot, then reinstall from the Itunes store (for free) as the new code requires a complete refresh (also do this is you have already auto-updated and the app won’t open). Please follow these instructions (blame Apple for not making this clear) and please don’t just leave nasty reviews. If you continue to have problems email us for support at appsupport@wildswimming.co.uk

The apps are quite large (about 100mb to 250mb) and on some older devices they may be a little slow. If you have problems you can get a full refund within 2 hours from the play store, or request a refund from itunes.

Browse the apps here –

for Android

for iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad)

Support and FAQs

Support email:  appsupport@wildswimming.co.uk

How to use this app
Tops tips for using this app:

click on a thumbnail to open the image full size. Click on the caption to go in to the full Detail view or click on the image to access the navigation bars (including ‘back’ and ‘slide show’). Swipe to move between photos.

Pinch and zoom to navigate. Click on a pin to see the caption and then the arrow to go to the full Detail view. You will need an internet connection for the base map to load, and will need to turn on Location services (in Settings) to entre on your current location.

scroll up and down the list and click through to a full Detail view. The List can be sorted and filtered (as can the Photo and Map views) via the Search screen.

Browse the contents by county / area chapters or regional sections. Find a location by postcode or place name search, or via your current location. Locate places by their Features and tags. Find locations by Keywords search of all text in the Detail view (unfortunately this does not include a search of the full chapter text from the book).  Chose a Sort order for your results. Or simply chose to view your Favourites only, or to limit to your Favourites. The number of results returned is displayed in the bottom left. You can click the three button icons on the right to go activate the search.

Detail View:
Each of the swim locations has its own page and swim number . Click on the image or thumbnails to enlarge, and pinch and zoom to navigate into the image with more detail (useful if you are viewing the maps).

Each swim comes with offline maps in case you have no internet: 1:250,000 road atlas to help you get there and 1:25,000 OS district mapping with Open Street Map footpaths overlaid. The footpath information is open source / user generated and is not always accurate or complete. You can contribute to the Open Street Map project online to improve this service. However click ‘OS map’ at the bottom to be taken to true 1:25,000 Explore and 1:50,000
Landranger mapping via OS on Streetmap.co.uk.  We suggest you navigate to these map pages at home while you have wifi and take a screen grab for future offline reference (by clicking the home button on your phone at the same time as the off button).

Scroll down to find more information – including a link to the full chapters from the books. Other information (pubs, campsites, water quality, weather) take you to outside web links. Pinch and zoom the map to see other locations nearby. You can add the location to your favourites using the star icon and share the location using the box with arrow icon (both top left, and bottom). Favourites toggle on and off. Share leads to common share options via Facebook, email and Twitter. The Facebook option will upload a small image to your photo gallery so your friends can see where you are talking about.

Support email:


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