Magical Britain – 650 Enchanted and Mystical Sites – pdf ebook


by Rob Wildwood

650 Enchanted and Mystical Sites 

from healing wells and fairy hills to giants’ strongholds and enchanted glens

400 photos, 19 maps, 336 pp, 210x170cm, 4th April 2022

PDF ebook with map hyperlinks

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This unique atlas of magical Britain reveals an enchanted and often forgotten mythical past, charted through the hidden places in its sacred landscape.
Explore Britain’s mysterious otherworld of spirits, fairies, giants and dragons and reconnect with folklore, myth and paganism in 650 sites.
Featuring original and evocative photography, detailed descriptions of stories and folklore, plus 36 secret locations never previously published.

  • Journey to the hidden places in our sacred landscape. Discover Britain’s forgotten magical past and mythical sites:
  • Places featured in the stories of King Arthur, Merlin and the Celtic Saints
  • Entrances to the Otherworld
  • Spirits in the stone, creation stories and giants’ strongholds
  • Sites of healing, divination and wish-making
  • Secret shrines and places of ancient ritual
  • Sacred Goddess sites in the landscape
  • Legendary locations of Norse mythology
  • Dragons and Mermaids

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