Top 5 tips for capturing your wild swims



Lifedge-ROn hazy summer days when the weather is hot and the sun sits high in the sky there’s no better remedy for stuffy offices and suffocating commutes than diving head first into a wild swim.

Follow the banks of your local river or head out on the coastal road until you find your spot, throw your clothes in a pile, feel the ground under your feet and the sun on your skin. At this point a running jump is optional, but exhilarating happiness is guaranteed.

This is a moment to be captured and shared.

Lifedge waterproof iPhone cases are waterproof up to 2 metres for 30 minutes and resistant to mud, sand and grit making them perfect for capturing wild swimming adventures. Combine with our float accessory for complete peace of mind and your phone will become the ultimate adventure swimming tool.

The case allows access to all the great features of your phone and with an optical quality lens, enlarged camera button and tactile grippy outer designed to compliment wet hands, you need never miss a wild moment again, even if it’s under the water.

Top 5 tips for capturing your wild swims with Lifedge

1. Be dynamic

1. be dynamic

With your phone completely protected from bumps, knocks and spills you can get closer to the action. The iSight Camera on your phone has an excellent shutter speed meaning it can capture those manic moments without too much blur. Great for catching that running bomb you’ve been working on.

2. Capture the water’s edge

2. capture the waters edge

If you can’t decide if you want to shoot under or above the water, do both. Some of the best shots taken with Lifedge cases capture both worlds. If the water isn’t particularly still this can be tricky. Use the burst mode on your phone to give yourself the best chance and stick with it. When you get the shot, it’s completely worth it.

3. Make a splash

3. make a splash

A great way to show off your photography skills is by capturing the individual water droplets hanging in the air after an epic dive or belly flop. Also, people splashing others seem to think it’s the funniest thing in the world, making it a great moment to catch a smile.

4. Show off your surroundings

4. show off your surroundings

Most wild swimming spots happen to be as beautiful as they are fun. Rich green trees line banks carpeted with flowers and plants of all kinds and ancient rocks protrude the water standing as natural sculptures. Along with the fish and animals of all varieties these things make for great photos. Don’t forget the details.

5. Have fun!

5. have fun

Lastly, don’t worry about it too much. Like us, you love wild swimming and this will always be part of your photographs. Don’t get hung up too much on angles, framing and what the light is like. When you’re just having fun and snapping away the joy will shine through, and that’s infectious.

*All photos were taken with an iPhone in a Lifedge waterproof case. View more on our Instagram feed @lifedge.

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