Wild Guide to the South West


Wild Guide South West: Devon, Cornwall, Somerset & Dorset – hidden places, great adventures & the good life
Daniel Start, Tania Pascoe, Jo Keeling

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Imagine a summer of swimming in secret coves, canoe camping and star-gazing, with time to discover lost ruins and explore ancient forests. In this inspiring compendium you will find the best wild places to visit in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, the most delicious local food and secluded and magical places to stay. Featuring stunning photography and engaging travel writing, this is the perfect book for families seeking new adventures off the beaten track, or those dreaming up the ultimate romantic weekend escape.

NOTE: The Secret Pool, Creech, listing 14 on p233 – we have been notified that this is private land so please do not enter

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Wild Guide: Devon, Cornwall and South West. New from the publishers of Wild Swimming,Wild Things Publishing, the Wild Guide book takes you on a voyage of discovery to the lesser-known corners of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. Featuring over 500 wild places for exploration and adventure, and 300 ideas for wild places to eat, camp or stay, it’s the perfect insider’s guide to Britain’s favourite holiday destination:

• Secret coves and places to wild swim
• Ancient woodlands and wildlife wonders
• Wildflower meadows
• Lost ruins, hidden castles and sacred stones
• Caverns, caves, grottoes and follies
• Sunset hill forts, night walks and campfires
• Seasonal eating, artisan food and cosy pubs
• Secluded campsites and hidden hideaways

The Wild Guide features 28 detailed maps, stunning photos and engaging travel writing. This is the perfect book for those seeking new adventures with the family, or dreaming up the ultimate romantic weekend escape.

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Daniel Start is an award-winning travel writer and photographer. He is the author of best-selling Wild Swimming and Wild Swimming Coast.

Tania Pascoe is a West Country expert, sustainability consultant and local food critic, based in Somerset.

Jo Keeling was countryside editor of BBC Countryfile magazine, editor of lifestyle magazine Pretty Nostalgic and is now editor and founder or Ernest Journal.

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